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WELLNESS AT O'Tilia d'Azur !


Then think about yourself and don't feel guilty!

Give yourself a massage at home to be a little more attentive to your body and liberate your spirit.

Treat yourself to truly relaxing moments during your stay at Ô Tilia d'Azur where you can recharge your batteries in various ways: on the sun loungers around the pool, take a walk through the nearby forest or by electric bike on the trails around the house...

Best of all, massages at home !

Your stay in O'Tilia d'Azur will be the ideal moment to offer you this magical pleasure...

Let yourself go to this experience of relaxation and care

for you Madam, for you Sir or together!

Aromatherapy Oil_edited.jpg

Get in touch with me to organize your Relax options, I will take care of everything!

Catherine: +336 63 26 27 56

Meet Julie , Reiki Master, a graduate of the ZHONG LI school in Aix-en-Provence.

A practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, she uses acupuncture meridians to help the energy flow smoothly through your body.

This, in order to bring you relaxation, allows you to face external aggressions and boost your renewed energy.

Julie's services :

Would you like to reduce your stress, improve your mobility and sleep? Julie offers Tuina (Chinese) massages which allow you to thoroughly relax some muscle areas for total relaxation.


Would you like to promote the circulation of energies and normalize the flow of energy from your body? Julie does Reiki too. Reiki is a technique of energy exchange and rebalancing through the imposition of hands on the various chakras.

This discovery will take you on a journey through yourself, looking for relaxation and interior peace.

Price: 1 hour 70€

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