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Catherine, your hostess!

Dear guests,


My story, the one I'm here for today, began to be written a few decades ago when we first took a vacation with my husband... in Périgord, then in Ireland, Scotland, Polynesia, then elsewhere... and other places... that's when I discovered Homestays in bed and breakfasts.

These experiences often ended with beautiful encounters, and so I went to my daydream: 'Have my B&B and welcome you...!


and I could imagine...  

My dream was slowly changing and I was looking at the possibility...

When, a few years down the road... a chance presented itself and opened the door to this great adventure!

the dream is now a reality!


My husband and our two kids, our friends, some of my co-workers reacted with such enthusiasm to this recycling: "Nice life project! It looks really good on you!". I watched them with enthusiasm and encouragement at the same time. These shared blinks really inspired me, thank you!


Originally from La Ciotat, lovely Provençal port town of Bouches-du-Rhône, it was soon (Oooh... I daren't admit it... time flies so fast!) that I have been living in the Alpes- Maritimes, this magnificent department with its beaches, its sun and the Southern Alps that dive into the Mediterranean...

This new life gives me the pleasure of welcoming you and sharing with you moments of conviviality to offer you beautiful memories of a holiday on the Riviera...


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